Autumn Glory Festival 2019

No need to travel to New England – we are going to have an amazing Fall Foliage this Autumn here in Mountain Maryland.  Grit Magazine spells out what is needed for the truly vibrant leaf colors – and we have had it this year! The crisp, cool nights (50*) and the bright, sunny days in the 70’s is not only good for the body and soul, but the plants/trees love it as well!

Our Autumn Glory Festival has been featured as a “Top 50 small Towns best foliage” by Good Housekeeping, as noted on in addition to Travel & Leisure listing the town of Oakland as the “#2 Best Town for Fall Colors”…. Many more are the recognitions of various travel magazines and websites that spell out what an awesome time can be had in Garrett County, particularly when the weather conditions are as perfect as they have been in 2019!

My Cherry trees in my backyard have started taking on a Burnt Ochre color and the Maples are showing hints of vibrant yellows.  The Oak Trees are generally last to change but I am seeing some vibrant reds appearing. That is my personal observation, just from my backyard – I would love to share God’s beauty with you this Autumn!

Click here to find an E-copy of the Autumn Glory Festival of Events…..

Thursday the 10th is kind of the kickoff… The Fireman’s Parade is awesome, particularly for the kids or the kid in the adult who loves the firetrucks showing off their bells and whistles at night in downtown Oakland.  The slip over to the Oompah and enjoy German-style food and live music, sponsored by the Oakland Volunteer Fire Dept. We promise you – this is a memory making event you will be glad you attended. You will meet friends next to you and across from you while enjoying good food and drink!

Friday & Saturday there are abundant activities, craft shows (get a ceramic mug each year) and abundant family-friendly activities all over the County.  Of course Saturday features the Grand Feature Parade – the entire town of Oakland is shut down for this event where you will enjoy marching bands, abundant floats, and awesome concessions. 

You will stand next to locals and fellow vacationers alike in enjoying this event!

Fall Foliage Tour:  Enjoy the beautiful Fall Foliage and partake in an Autumn Drive, as promoted by the Readers Digest, or one of those local, beautiful trips supported by our Chamber of Commerce…

Turkey Trail:  Many are the Turkey Dinners that our area hosts – you will leave full, knowing you ate a healthy, old fashioned meal.  This link shows you the Turkey Trail, you won’t be sad…

Craft Shows:  Several vendors showcase their wares in the multiple craft shows throughout the County.  Parking is always free and we still patronize these awesome vendors as locals and hope to see you there!

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  • God has blessed us again with an awesome Autumn setting!
  • Bands were out in full force for the Fireman’s Parade
  • An hour before the Grand Feature parade there was plenty of good seating to be had
  • Remember these firetrucks? Think I will take my chances with the newer one in the background but the old-timer is still pretty darn cool!
  • How is this NOT a perfect setting to spend with my 2 grandsons? Hope to see you here next Autumn!