Covid Safety

In May of 2020, our Garrett County Health Officer advised the local Property Managers (PM’s) to sanitize all ‘high touch’ points, using List-N approved chemicals as outlined by the CDC. Additionally, it was directed by our Health Officer to ensure that cleaners were wearing a mask and gloves during cleaning.  Finally, it was stated that extending the ‘rest period’ of our homes between guest visits was a best practice to follow.

For this reason, we modified our arrival time to 5PM and our departure time to 10AM.  If the house is vacant on your day of arrival, we may be able to offer an earlier check-in, please confirm with our Reservationist.  Should a guest be departing on your day of arrival, we cannot permit early arrivals for the safety of all parties.

Update 11/2020: While we continue to follow the updated best practices as outlined by our County Health Officer, we have implemented additional treatment processes in response to the CDC identification of ‘aerosol transmission’ of the Covid Virus.  We are now using HOCL ionizers for our vacation homes prior to guest arrival, sanitizing the air and all surfaces with a similar process as used in hospitals, dental offices, and nursing homes – VERY SAFE!

Update 4/2022: Certainly much of the media furor (and the public attention) regarding Covid has subsided; however Offlake Rentals respects the additional sanitizing HOCL treatment that we, with prudence, adopted during the Covid-era and we intend to continue this air ionization procedure going forward as it also cleans the air/surfaces of all viruses, including the common cold and flu.

Update 1/2023: While Covid was devastating on so many levels, there were benefits in adopting new ‘best practices’. Offlake Rentals will continue to ionize the air with HOCL to minimize the potential of airborne and surface viruses/bacteria affecting any of our guests. We continue to be demanding on our cleaning vendors with regular follow up inspections. While we cannot completely go to early arrivals and later departures (as we had prior to Covid), we can generally work with guests scheduling, knowing that once the sanitizing treatment is completed – the house is SAFE! Our adopted practice includes texting guests when the rental has been sanitized so that guest can feel safe to occupy.

Here at Offlake Rentals, our customer’s safety and satisfaction is a high priority. We do our absolute best to ensure that our Guest’s stay is as safe as possible while they enjoy their get-a-way.

House Sanitizing:

In our ongoing effort to ensure a sanitized, safe vacation experience for our guests, we have implemented an air ionizer treatment system (based on CDC guidelines of 11/22/2020). The ionizer chemical used is HYPOCHLOROUS ACID (HOCL) a List-N approved sanitizing agent. This chemical may leave a slight chemical ‘odor’ (think a dentist office where HOCL is commonly used) – it diminishes quickly.