Property Management

Welcome and thank you for considering Offlake Realty & Rentals for the management of your home.  We are a Christian based, Code of Ethics driven, family run business  focused on helping each homeowner achieve their individual goals. 

We recognize that not every homeowner has the same goals:  for some owners income generation is the most important matter; others desire maintenance services but not rental generation; we have homeowners who are focused on the inspection services and maintenance recommendations and count the income generated as  bonus; certain homeowners desire to use their own home a good bit but want some income generation to help with the taxes and costs; some homeowners wish us to place a qualified seasonal or long term rental so that their monthly income/expenses can be known; finally there are those homeowners who tried to sell, couldn’t, and are not sure what to do, they utilize our full service Real Estate services to utilize short term rental income to help make improvements to their home and then to market their home “For Sale” to our extensive and building renter database.  Each homeowner has their own needs & goals -share yours with us!

Some of the Services Offlake Realty & Rentals offer include:

  • Personalized reservation team who will know the homeowner personally and homeowner goals.
  • Knowledgeable team members available seven days a week to help you with your every day. property management needs, secure & damage check your property after departures, and maintain your outside vendors for you.
  • Smaller inventory means more personalized services by our entire team – you are NOT a number to us! 
  • State-of-the-art & improving website, where you can view your owner statements, work orders & reservations 24 hours a day.
  • User friendly online booking.
  • Competitive commission & rates.  We allow those homeowners who desire to help in the marketing of their home (and provide great tools for doing so) – Offlake Rentals offers a reduced commission for owner generated reservations – EVEN WHEN THE RENTER SELECTS A DIFFERENT HOME. 
  • One-on-one communication – our homeowners know each of our 5-person team and knows who to contact for which need.  Our entire team will be focused on each homeowner’s goals.
  • Offlake Rentals is a dynamic company and is constantly searching for improved marketing venues.  Management by a Real Estate Broker with local sales experience, we have a solid background in marketing, staging, and advertising.
  • Linen & Cleaning services for our guests and, if requested, for our homeowners.
  • Innovative check in and checkout procedures.
  • Offlake Rentals operates inside the Maryland Real Estate Commission – we utilize the Realtor Code of Ethics which is designed to protect our homeowners.  Please ensure your management choice offers this.

Thank You for considering Offlake Realty & Rentals for your property management needs.  We look forward to talking with you at your convenience.  We prefer a scheduled meeting; however if you are unable to free up to visit Deep Creek Lake we will be happy to chat over the phone. Based on this meeting, if we both feel that an ongoing relationship will be a “win-win” (the ONLY way Offlake Rentals does business) then we will enjoy working with you in achieving your personal goal, whatever that may be!  Please call us at 301-387-8060 or email us at

The Offlake Team